I’m highly skeptical if you can catch any game like this yet, at this very moment. A full 3D game comparable and with characteristic to Halo and Unreal Tournament with no need of tedious installations and played in tango with your browser - hardly, right?

Phosphor by Rasterwerks is an online browser-based first-person-shooter game running on 3-D game rendering engines such as Ageia PhysX by Nvidia and Adobe Shockwave Player by Adobe.

The game is a brainchild of Nick Kang (don’t know if it’s his real name), president of Rasterwerks ( and some other game developing contractors. The game was developed using the available 3D game developing technology at that time. By early 2000s developing 3D game is inspiring but not easy. Nick’s team did it with a twist - full 3D game courtesy of your browser. It’s tantamount to playing Halo and Unreal Tournament in your PC - save the installation which only takes 3MB of data.


As of the moment, maybe, it’s the only browser-based full 3D first-person shooter game played on internet browser. But of course there might be a more sophisticated one out there, like the one you’ll find in, or Nevertheless, this game’s unique platform and proposition is exceptional. Like, when you are used to playing heavy games which needs heavy installations and requires heavyweight hardware buyouts, then this game would give you a slick requirements without departing to the same hardcore FPS gaming and fun.


I played this game like hundred to thousand times, not because it’s a highly complicated game burning trillions of brain cells before you get the hang of, but because of its simplicity. I’m a fan of Counter Strike Series (and who would not be) as well as Unreal Tournament and few others. And it took me countless hours before I get to muster several arm arsenals, ammos, loads and recoils of these games.

But with Rasterwerks you can play with your eyes closed.

It’s as simple as Pick-and-shoot. Pick guns and ammos and shot-‘em-up. There’s not even a reload needed.

Simple as it is, as of this moment it has only one playground, which I thought I laid a frag in every corner. If you got smacked-down by a gamer or a bot, you wake up in the other side of the map and the fun continues.

No much ado. That simple.


It’s understood that when you install highly convoluted games, graphic nirvana is a given pay-off. Obviously, as you have laid bucks on it.

Rasterwerks do not bring much dichotomy to mainstreaming game arena. Graphics are uncompromising coupled with stunts, characters, environment, responsiveness and pride.

Characters are tailored creatively as they looked like smart heavily armored killing mercenaries. Male and female characters are playing rampage on the map, so pink pinkies are welcome too.

In fact if you’re playing on a Firefox browser, then you hit F11 (full screen), friends would think you have just bought and installed a cool strange game.

The Game is:

Played mainly on a browser. Which in itself however, is a downside. You can’t play it outside of your browser and much more with the absence of internet connection.

Deathmatch is the only game category - as of now.

If you’re playing with bots, max. player are 7 including you. 8-9 max. online gamers in one host.

Both Male and Female gamers to choose from with varied skin types.

4 Weapon and ammo types - Sniper Rifle, Missile Launcher, Pulse Gun, Machine Gun.

Life extensions are scattered all over the map for you to get before everything gets bloody dark.

One unique shield is only at the chamber. So better be fast before somebody wares it on against you.

Capable of online as well as LAN gaming.

With simple customizable game controls.

And more...

Buckle-up and play the game here: RASTERWERKS

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