"Bayang magiliw, perlas ng silanganan. Alab ng puso, sa dibdib mo'y buhay..."

Goes the ever endearing and brave commencement line of our very own Philippine National Anthem. The first two lines though, best describe how the Philippine archipelago is nestled at the globe's majestic seat like a comely crystalline pearl cozily laid at the breast of a clam shell. The universe must have spent a little more time on her; with her most favorable geographic throne in the face of the planet, with teaming aquamarine resources, with brimming over natural resources and exceptional array of crystal clear sand beaches. Truly - the Pearl of he Orient Seas!

The Philippine archipelago is comprised of lovely juxtaposed 7, 107 islands, and not just islands, they are islands that gleam from without courtesy of beautiful beaches and seashores all around it. Thus, Philippines is sometimes quoted as the "beach capital of Asia."

The Philippine geographical orientation is the Southeast of Asia, western Pacific Ocean. The temperature may reach up to 38 degree Celsius; obviously it is a hot and humid country with only two seasons - summer and rainy.

The Philippine coastline is said to double that of the United States. In fact, most of the beaches that we have here weren't uncovered yet. For those beaches that have been flagged by us and by different investors, we've picked handfuls of them just for your information.


El Nido is a first-class municipality at the province of Palawan, 420 kilometers southwest of Manila. El Nido protects and manages resource protected areas, especially marine resources and white beaches. The potpourri of seascapes and landscapes with marvelous naturally carve formations would give you the impression that gods must have once frolicked these places. It is often referred to as the Islands of the Gods. Because of it's remoteness from among all the beaches in the Philippines. It is also considered as the Philippines' Last Frontier. Before setting foot on its soil, you have gone to other beaches from Aklan, to Cebu to Bohol and so on.

Here's one prestige for El Nido, on November - December issue of the National Geographic Traveler's Magazine El Nido has been recommended as one of the best travel destination in the world.


Don't mistake Panglao for its small size over its beauty and diversity. For from its size comes condensed lush of natural blessedness.

Panglao is part of Bohol mumicipality an island divided into two, Panglao and Dauis located southwest of the island of Bohold and eastern part of Cebu.

Panglao is a diver's den and home to thousands of bio-diversified species of sea creatures, such as crustaceans and mollusks. Divers enjoy hot shots over these marine creatures.

Clear beaches are just one of the natural signatures of Panglao in Bohol. Or you might as well hobnob to the same nearest paradise valley such as the Chocolate Hills, waterfalls and of course the blithe of the city of Tagbilaran.


Pagudpud on the other hand, is sometimes coined as the 'Boracay of the North', perhaps with due credit to its white and sugary sand. What is notable about it is the windy ambiance of the beach cuddling considerable waves tossing up few surf boards from wave surfing enthusiasts. Going to Hawaii, might not make sense anymore due to the equal offer Pagudpud beach offers to individuals and tourist alike.

Pagudpud is located at the tip part of Luzon a kilometer more and you're out to more scattered islands of the northern horizons. The beach got fewer visitors than the usual beaches we have, perhaps because of its winding access toward that nevertheless did not compromise its beauty. Maira-Ira Point is a notable attraction with it's exclusive beach called Blue Lagoon.


Siargao is Surigao Del Norte's beacon harbor that lures thousands of tourists as well. The crystal clear salt water mirrors the island's caring people on environmental welfare.

Besides, majestic high tossing waves shows a grandiose welcome to pleasure monger individuals at a "cloud 9 level." A wave that slushes to perfect curls made it the apple of the eye for tourist and surf boarder enthusiasts. The place then became the crown of event for the annual Siargao Cup for international and national surfing competition.

Siargao in Surigao Del Norte has been gifted not only with fine of the finest beach but also with busy tossing waves making her the Surfing Capital of the Philippines.


Malapascua is a tiny glittering pearl at the northernmost tip of Cebu City, part of Daanbantayan Municipality.

Malapascua lies only 2.5 kilometer long and a kilometer wide. Small when it comes to her geographical share. Takes only few kilometers yet the natural blessedness dangles miles and miles.

Malapascua possess richness of biodiversity which has the best ambiance for diving and snorkeling. Scattered coral gardens are like paradise from within the sea. The tiny white sands they call Bounty Beach, graces every visitors with satisfying ocular gratifications. Plus, if you've be luckier enough, sightings of stings rays and sharks.


And who would dare miss this graceful island at the Northwestern tip of Panay in Western Visayas. Boracay, I guess spearheads among all other beaches in the country. A 4 kilometer smooth sandy white sands and crystal clear water justifies natural praises that she receives from who ever meets her supple shores.

The island now is highly commercialized, particularly those near the beach. You can be at the Boracay island with still the convenience of the city life - hotels, bars, shopping and ATM machines.

Scuba diving, snorkeling, boat rides are few of the best attraction in this island paradise, besides local celebrities occasionally frolicking on the same sand as other ordinary visitors. Some commercial as well as showbiz events are also held in this spot of the archipelago.

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