Internet marketing can be defined in multifarious ways. You name it as long as you are in the business of using the internet to rake-off profit.

Earlier, Internet Marketing consisted of making a website, posting ads to the other companies' web and so on. But things have changed, Internet Marketing has become a household parlance to every business there is. Internet is being used to boost profit by any company whether it's a confessed utterly an online business, halfway or just nothing at all.

For obvious (business) reasons Internet Marketing uses the Internet to do the following:

Communication. This is the flagship of the internet. It’s plane communication. Then it eventually evolves into some kind       of business to communicate products and services to prospective clients.

Advertise. I guess this is one of the lifeblood of Internet Marketing or the internet itself. This includes selling ad space,         goods or products and a lot more.

Research. Encyclopedias were one time kings and queens to scraping information on any kind. Now, you'll see good ’ol         grandpa on rocking chairs totally unemployed. But I still love ‘em!

Setting aside anachronism, Internet is being used by Internet Marketers to gather demography, feasibility studies, needs, potential and established costumers.

Internet Marketing may include handfuls of the following:

Business Website: This kind of internet marketing is typical and common. This includes images, write-ups, videos, audios and by all means possible to convey to the world at large what the company is and what benefit do they have to clients and visitors alike.

Search Engine Marketing: Obviously, is standing tall among others. A multi-billion company at that by just a pay-per-click fashion. as well as other search engine web sites is running a search engine optimization (SEO) where they are highly paid. SEO is a listing priority boosting program that maximizes your website hits and popularity on the internet.

Email Marketing: E-mail blasting, mass emailing, or anything that pertains to sending emails to selected or collective group of people and companies. This type is a little bit reserved rather than candid. It targets only one particular person per email at most.

Banner Advertising: One website may as well entertain ad placements from other companies or individuals rather than just their own. For a certain price the ads will be place at certain space on the website depending on the price and size just like newspapers ads.

Article Marketing: Simple, just the way I’m doing! It’s the process of writing article about a particular product or service then uploading it to the article syndicating websites for it to spread at the World Wide Web.

Press Release: PR or Press Release is common among many companies. This contains news and views, profile, products and services, awards and recognitions, finished projects of the company whatsoever in one. It is oftentimes sent as hard copies on a neatly and smoothly printed press kit. But it can also be sent in a form of soft or electronic copy through the internet.

Social Media Marketing: Social communications nowadays are hypes and almost a must. The least you can do to present your product to the world is through social media sites. Namely;,,, and so on. At most you can have a website. In fact nowadays not having a website can divert some of your probable clients to your competitors, which I could say "money-turned-to-stone."

I suggest having your own website though, although you might shell out a little amount but it wouldn't be bad, rather than just using social media networks.

First thing in mind is reputation. Personal website may give lasting impression to clients about what company you are. It might be redeemed partly by the designs and interactivity of your website. Mental reflex dictates that if a company cannot afford a website (as most company can) then it's a big question to their product and services. Frank and candidly, most clients prefer companies with websites of their own rather than those stuck at social networks!

Second thing is that fly-by-night black ship of the internet marketing can easily create an account at any social network rather than make their own website. Thus, clients tend to back-off and verify a product for a website just to reassure.

Blog Marketing: A very start-up to website creation. A thing to wannabies. Blogging is a site where you post opinions, comments, photos, videos and even audios. The blog has its own isolated benefit but not more than a website does (

A blog is a potential profit generator depending on your frequency on updating and posting contents. This is not bad for internet marketing greener.

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